After years of repressing his own creativity, 25-year-old Omenihu has completely shunned the safety and security that comes with having a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a world-renowned hip-hop artist. 

The Dallas, Texas, native and founder of Human Influence
released his debut single "All Vibes Matter" in September of 2016 to public acclaim. "I am an advocate of balance. With so many disparaging messages in today's culture, I just want to help people make better decisions through my music," Omenihu says.

Courage aside, Omenihu's knack for authenticity creates an unbreakable bond between him and his audience. Following the September 2016 release of his music, Omenihu has given the city of Austin numerous breathtaking performances from hip-hop stomping grounds such as Spiderhouse, and most recently, at the world-famous Mohawk Austin.

Showcasing personal growth and commitment to the artistry, Omenihu invites his fan base into his world every time he steps on stage. Not only is Omenihu proving himself as a premier performer and recording artist, he radiates the qualities and promise it takes to not only become the bright new face of Austin's hip-hop scene, but the genre.




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